Welcome to RotoTech Reliability & Maintenance Solutions

RotoTech Reliability and Maintenance Solutions (RotoTech RMS) was created in 2016 in response to a growing demand for Reliability and Maintenance solutions. The company was started by a team of technical experts who are in the same field for more than 20 years.

RotoTech has built up an incredible depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to reliability engineering, training services, predictive & proactive maintenance solutions.

From the outset, we have helped companies shift from a reactive to proactive mode of asset management.

RotoTech provides custom designed programs to meet your specific needs. As an expert in the field with experience in almost every conceivable industry from cement plants to refineries; we have the knowledge that you can rely on for correct equipment assessment.

RotoTech has gained an international reputation for reliability engineering services that deliver positive outcomes. We work with some of the major players across a range of industries - global companies that trust us to deliver proven results.

Our services and trainings are geared towards empowering companies to adopt proactive maintenance practices that result in bottom line benefits that are more efficient, and provide a knowledge base that can be built on and improved.

RotoTech is offering a variety of Reliability & Maintenance Solutions...


"To change the industrial maintenance culture from traditional to predictive & proactive maintenance. This is achieved by doing the right thing at the right time."


"To improve the reliability & availability of your assets by providing reliability & maintenance solutions, train & empower the customers to apply these methodologies in ways that will maximize their profitability while assuring the safety, reliability and quality of their products, processes and services."

We accomplish this mission through our dedicated services in all aspects of reliability engineering, and by providing tools, education, services, resources and certification programs that serve the needs of product manufacturers and maintenance organizations worldwide. We achieve our mission through a team of experts who is in the maintenance reliability industry for more than 2 decades. We continuously incorporate new and proven technologies into our solutions, enabling our customers to efficiently leverage our research in their day-to- day activities. We publish the industrial case studies and industry best practises through our website to empower our customers and for the betterment of the engineering community.
We will continue to grow our organization and serve our customers at a fair profit using the same uncompromising standards of excellence.
We believe that our customers are the most important element of our success and we strive to make their needs our number one priority. To assure this, we recruit, train, develop and retain employees of exceptional character, ability and dedication by providing excellent working conditions, attractive benefits and great growth opportunities while providing a high level of employment security at the same time.
We embrace our social responsibilities and we strive to function as model corporate citizens on a local, national and international level.