Dynamic/In-Situ Balancing

Dynamic/In-Situ Balancing

Imbalance & Misalignment are the most common faults found in rotating equipment. Improved balancing and alignment is proven to significantly extend the life of your assets.

Imbalance generates high vibrations at rotating speed (1x order). It occurs when the centreline of a shaft does not correspond with the mass centreline.

Benefits of Dynamic/In-Situ Balancing

  • The equipment vibration

It is maintained within the acceptable limits.

  • Reduces equipment costs

Instead of replacement of the entire piece of equipment due to critical failure, in situ balancing saves the price of the component and the labor needed for the repair.

  • Reduces labor costs

When repairs are scheduled, the amount of time needed for repair is reduced if the rotor is balanced on time due to reduced vibration and hence wear on the components.

  • Reduces lost production time

Unscheduled downtime may cost thousands of dollars per hour. A proactive maintenance department can head off critical failure downtime by balancing the rotor on time.

  • Increases revenue

A balanced rotor have less maintenance on good components and quicker repair of faulty components,repairs can be more effectively handled, thereby reducing repair time.

  • Increases efficiency of employee time

Reducing the vibration by rotor balancing can dramatically increase effective “wrench time.


What we can do at Rototech?

Please contact us in case if your machine is vibrating beyond the acceptable limits due to unbalance. We will analyse your machine and carry out rotor balancing if unbalance is found to be the root cause of the problem.

Below services are available @ Rototech 24×7 which is led by a team of specialist engineers.

  • Field balancing of rotors from small to large sizes.
  • High speed machinery balancing at site.
  • Quick set-up and fast results.
  • ISO certified specialists.
  • Balancing performed to reach acceptable limits as per ISO balance grades.
  • Service is available worldwide.