Thermal Imaging & Oil Analysis

Thermal Imaging & Oil Analysis

Closely monitoring your rotating equipment with a periodic Oil Sampling programme will provide fast and precise information on your machines condition. A scheduled analysis of engine oils, greases or hydraulic fluids can provide evidence on the level of wear or the detection of defect parts before major downtime and costly failures happen.

Benefits of Oil Analysis :

Oil analysis offers many benefits. Through regular testing of lubricants, you can :

  • Enhance equipment life and reliability

 By ensuring proper lubrication and detecting issues such as excessive wear and contamination.

  • Cost

 Among the many cost saving benefits and increased productivity associated with fluid sampling, the largest cost   savings and benefits come from preventative and proactive maintenance. Fluid sampling and analysis  allows   technicians and service managers to monitor the condition of equipment systems and to identify and correct   minor issues to reduce the risk over component failures and breakdowns.

  • Extend lubricant life

 By monitoring its condition and, when deemed necessary,treating or cleaning it,typically allowing for longer   intervals between fluid changes.

  • Reduce equipment downtime

  By spotting and correcting potential lubrication problems before they become serious issues.

What we can do at Rototech?

We at Rototech, offer Oil Condition Monitoring based on four maintenance philosophies in consultation with renowned tribologists. Oil survey is Included in the Annual Predictive Maintenance Contract  (AMC) for the effective monitoring of your assets.

Break down maintenance – Helps to find out cause of system failure

Preventive maintenance – Helps to eliminate the cause of system failure

Predictive maintenance – Helps to determine planned preventive maintenance

Proactive maintenance – Looks at root cause of certain common failures in industrial equipments.

Our Oil Analysis Services helps you to:

  • Reduce operating costs .
  • Optimize maintenance levels.
  • Extended oil drain periods.
  • Eliminate unscheduled engine shut downs.
  • Protect equipment.


Our Oil Analysis Services will show:

  • Contamination

       Fuel, Coolant, Airborne Dust & Other lubricants.

  • Engine malfunctions

  Faulty fuel injectors and pumps, Ineffective fuel, air and oil filters, Defective scavenge air blowers and turbo chargers, Parts wear and corrosion, Coolant leaks & Overheated piston.

  • Oil deterioration

  Oxidation due to overheating and contamination & Additive depletion.

We provide assistance:

  • In identifying critical piece of machinery .
  • In creating correct sampling frequency.
  • In identifying correct sampling point.
  • Educate the sampling employees


We provide:

  • Specially design sample bottles.
  • Full flagged sample labels incorporating all details.
  • Sample collection .
  • Oil analysis report with graphical presentation of last five results trend


Our results gives colour coding for the results for quick
review of your results:

           RED – Critical problem have been identified and  immediate remedial action is required.

          ORANGE – Some observation have been identified, which may lead to critical problem,

           remedial action may be required.

           GREEN  – No problem have been observed.

Feel free to contact Rototech Reliability & Maintenance Solutions where we will happily
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