Noise Measurement

Noise Measurement

Maintenance professionals often report the biggest problems with their tribology program are over-greasing, under-greasing, wrong grease, and sometimes no grease at all. Over-greasing causes high temperatures and results in shedding of oil from grease.

Under-greasing causes inadequate lubricant delivery. The wrong grease in a bearing also has the same effect. It doesn’t properly deliver oil to the loaded rollers. All these result in lubricant-starved bearings.

These problems (over-greasing, under-greasing, wrong grease, and no grease at all) cause increased energy loss due to friction. This energy shows up as mechanical energy (ultrasonic) and thermal energy (heat).

Benefits of Noise Measurement

A noise survey takes noise measurements throughout an entire plant or section to
identify noisy areas. Noise surveys provide very useful information which enables us to identify:

  • Areas where employees are likely to be exposed to harmful levels of noise and personal dosimetry may be needed.
  • Machines and equipment which generate harmful levels of noise which might detect some equipment problems.
  • Employees who might be exposed to unacceptable noise levels.
  • Noise control options to reduce noise exposure.

What we can do at Rototech?

We @ Rototech, can provide the below services in acoustic field.

  • Occupational Noise measurements.
  • Human Habitability measurements onboard ships and vessels.
  • Long time noise recording.
  • Acoustic Calculations.
  • Noise mapping applications.
  • Noise power level calculations for machinery.