Training Services

Training Services

Rototech is a one stop solution to your industrial training requirements. We conduct public as well as customized training courses, as per the client requirements, throughout the year.

We have developed hundreds of competency based learning programs for a wide range of industries, with the two decades of field experience.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality training programs that are comprehensive, customized, process specific to enhance the customer knowledge base.

Note: Additional trainings in electrical, instrumentation, process and safety are available upon request.

We @ Rototech provide below trainings.

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Laser Alignment
  • Predictive and Preventive maintenance
  • Reliability Techniques
  • Bearing fault diagnosis training


  • Pump Series

          Pump Fundamentals

          Pump Operating Principles and Curves

          Centrifugal Pumps

          Positive Displacement Pumps

          Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

  • Seals Series

   Static Dynamic Seals

   Mechanical Seal Fundamentals

   Mechanical Seal Maintenance

  • Lubrication Series

   Mechanical Lubrication Fundamentals

   Mechanical Lubrication Components and Systems

   Mechanical Lubrication Advanced Principles, Chemistry and Process

   Mechanical Lubrication Maintenance Procedures

  • Turbine Series

   Turbine Fundamentals

   Gas Turbines

   Steam Turbines

   Water TurbinesWind Turbines

  • Hydraulic Pump Series

   Hydraulic Pump Fundamentals: Operation

   Hydraulic Pump Fundamentals: Classifications

   Hydraulic Pump Installation and Maintenance

  • Hydraulic Valve Series

   Directional-Control Valves

   Pressure-Control Valves

   Flow-Control Valves

  • Process Control Diagram Reading Series

   Introduction to Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

   Basic Piping and Instrumentation Diagram Reading

   Piping and Instrumentation Diagram Process Flows

   Piping and Instrumentation Diagram Equipment Symbols

   Process Control Loops

   Interactive P&ID

  • Valve Series

   Control Valve Fundamentals

   Butterfly Valves and Ball Valves

   Globe Valves and Diaphragm Valves

   Solenoid Valves

   Pressure Control and Safety Relief Valves

   Control Valve Actuators

  • Bearing Series

   Bearing Fundamentals

   Bearing Removal and Installation

   Bearing Maintenance

  • Gear Series


   Gearbox Fundamentals

   Gear Drive Maintenance

   Gearbox Procedures

  • Belt Drive Series

   Belt Drive Fundamentals

   Belt Drive Maintenance

   Belt Drive Procedures

  • Piping Fundamentals Series

   Piping Basics

   Piping Plans

  • Pipe Diagram Reading Series

   Piping Diagram Fundamentals

   Piping Diagram Symbols

  • Piping Conditions and Procedures Series

   Piping Measurements and Procedures

   Pipe Hangers and Supports

  • Pipe Fitting Series

   Tube Fittings

   Hose Fittings

  • Chain Drive Series

   Chain Drive Fundamentals

   Chain Drive Operation

   Basic Chain Drive Maintenance

   Specialized Chains

   Specialized Sprockets


  • Coupling Series

   Coupling Fundamentals

   Coupling Installation and Maintenance

   Fluid Couplings: Voith Turbo Coupling with Disk Pack

   Shaft Series

   Shaft Fundamentals

   Shafts: Tolerances, Alignment, and Motor Speed

  • Heat Exchanger Series

   Heat Exchangers Overview

   Heat Transfer Principles

   Heat Exchanger Operating Principles

  Shell-and- Tube Heat Exchangers

  Plate Heat Exchangers

  Condensers and Reboilers

  Boiling and Condensing Principles

  Cooling Tower Principles and Components

  Cooling Tower Operation and Water Treatment

  Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

  Fired Heaters/Furnaces

  Combustion Principles