Laser alignment

Laser alignment

Integrating a laser alignment system into your workshop/facility offers everything from efficient production, reduced downtime, work place safety and even ways you can save money.

Benefits of Laser Alignment

Studies over the past 10 years indicate that 50% of all machine breakdowns are due to poor alignment. Some surveys indicate that more than 90% of the machines run out of recommended tolerance limits. The benefits of shaft alignment are

  • Reduced Vibration.
  • Energy Saving.

The correct alignment can reduce the energy consumption by 15% or more. The energy saving can be calculated by using the below equation.

           KW= (volt x Amps x pf x 1732)1000

  • Reduced wear of mechanical components and hence extended asset life.
  • Increased production capacity.
  • Improved product quality.
  • Minimal unscheduled downtime.

What we can do at Rototech?

Below services are available @ Rototech 24×7, with our specialist engineers.

  • Laser Shaft alignment.
  • Turbomachinery Diaphragm Alignment.
  • Alignment of machine trains.
  • Soft Foot Check and correction.
  • Thermal growth compensation alignment.
  • Turbine alignment.
  • Laser Pulley Alignment.
  • Flatness Measurements.
  • Cardan Shafts alignment.
  • Circular Flatness Measurements.
  • Remote Assistance.
  • Alignment of non rotating shafts.
  • Special Pre Cut SS shims can be provided upon request .
  • Laser alignment training can be provided in your facility or the employees can attend the public training session in any location conducted by Rototech.